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The Imperious Leader

"By Your Command" ... is HIS command.

The Imperious Leader is the absolute ruler of the Cylon Empire. He is most cunning, back-stabbing and underhanded of the I.L. Series Cylons. Once installed as the Leader the I.L. Series dons an organic shell that resembles the original Reptilian Cylons. His appearance is a twisted homage their creators, who they betrayed and murdered.

There is no honor among the I.L. Series, but they don’t go as far as to assonate their own kind. The Imperious Leader is in power until he makes and error so rash, it results in his own destruction.

He rules from high upon his throne... cold, calculating commands are never questioned - only followed with mechanical perfection.

In the pilot episode, Saga of Star World, the Imperious Leader has a winged green lizard on his shoulder. It didn’t appear again, or have any explanation. It is speculated that it is another nod to the original Cylons who probably kept such pets.

Photo Courtesy of Red Eye

Face Mask - Battlestar Galactica

-Character standard - screen-used type from the television series
-Dark brownish/cream full-head/neck and collar reptilian mask with airbrushed scale detailing
-Eyeholes for the wearer are located at the mask’s forehead
-Illuminated green eyes (dimmable lights and additional facial expressions (mouth movement, etc.) are optional)

Photo Courtesy of Red Eye


-Covers the full back of the head
-Made of rubber or sturdy resin
-“Necklaces” at the front and back holds it on the wearer’s shoulders
-According to costume designer Jean-Pierre Dorleác, the headpiece was designed after a king cobra’s cowl and originally had a dark red color appearance. For the sparkling effect, they used crushed pearls sprinkled over it while drying

Photo Courtesy of Red Eye


-Floor-length, red satin (or similar fabric) robe with velcro closure on the back
-Surmounting dark red/brownish scale appliqués covering the shoulders
-The scales on the original costume were made using a technique called “burned sequins”, meaning the sequins were either melted or fused to a dark / blood red chiffon fabric underneath. The fused fabric was then cut and sewn to the robe.

Photo Courtesy of Red Eye


-Large wooden throne chair painted dark gray or black
-Has semi-circular back
-Raised pedestal display base, painted in the same color as the throne
-Electronic turning mechanism is optional

Photo Courtesy of Red Eye

Winged Pet Lizard

-Green in color with yellow and brown details
-Either made from an existing toy or completely built from scratch
-Two added wings
-The 1978 screen used Imperious Leader's small lizard pet was real "actor" - a living Jackson’s Chameleon with added prop wings. [Detail Photo] It is usually seen resting on the Leader's left arm during The Saga Of Star World. When filming began, the owner/pet trainer was paid for only one day's work which explains why it wasn't seen again after filming for the pilot episode was completed..



The Imperious Leader - Battle of Galactica (BOG)

Photo by Universal Studios

Face Sculpt - Battle Of Galactica

-Variant only from Universal Studios ride “Battle of Galactica” - not the television series
-Green full-head/neck and collar reptilian mask with airbrushed scale detailing
-Illuminated soft yellow/white eyes

Photo by Universal Studios

Things get tricky for the Imperious Leader of BOG...
the variant costume of the character has variants itself.

Robe / Headpiece - two types:

1. Screen robe (pictured above) and screen headpiece (pictured above)
2. Variant robe (pictured left) with a large faired collar and no headpiece at all

Hands / Staff

-The BOG Imperious Leader had hands! They are a green color with scale texture matching the face, topped off by claw-like fingernails
-The hands held a simple staff scepter