IL Series

IL Series are command level Viceroys of the Imperious Leader. Usually they oversee the functioning of Basestars, planetary bases or outposts. They do not engage in direct combat rather try to elevate their status with tactical achievements to be next in line to be promoted to Imperious Leader.

Physically they are a robotic humanoid mimicking a Colonial body type and facial features. Their head is a half transparent dome with advanced circuitry showing through it. They have two scanning eys, ears and a mouth shaped vocal assembly. No appearance variations exist within the IL Series, other than choice of robes.

IL Series have a human-like voice with tone, infection and emotional traits. In addition to superior vocal functions they also have higher level cognitive programming than Centurions or Civilians. IL Series Cylons express human level emotions including: lusting after power, jealousy, disgust, fear, devious betrayal, self preservation, etc.

Photos Courtesy of Red Eye

Original Prop Photo


-Constructed of maroon-painted, vacuformed plastic
-Clear cranium shows internal blinking purple rope lights designed to simulate a pulsating computer brain
-Two red LED eye scanners (typically made of approx. 5-6 LEDs)
-Lighted purple mouth (upper bar is made of 6 LEDs, lower bar is made of 5 LEDs)

Left: Cloak
Right: Under robe
Photos Courtesy of Red Eye

Robes (Cloak & Under Robe)

-Consists of two pieces (outter cloak & under robe), made of lurex fabric
-Cloak has oversized arms and stand-up collar and reaches to the wearer’s knees
-Under robe has zippered back closure and is floor-length.
-Screen-used costumes had several small eyelets added in the front center chest area, so that the actor inside the costume could see. [Detail Photo]

There are several types of IL-Series robes that are character specific.

Universal Studios Promo Photos
Edited by Cylon-Knight

Lucifer Robes

1. Matt gold and metallic gold tones as seen in the epilogue of “Saga of Star World” as well as “Lost Planet of the Gods, Parts 1 & 2”

2. Matt red and metallic red tones as seen throughout all other Battlestar Galactica episodes. This version was first used in the episode “The Long Patrol” where it had no stand-up collar. A matching collar was added in the episode “The Young Lords”. This version was seen in the rest of the episodes which featured Lucifer.

Modified Profiles in History Photo

Specter Robes

-Metallic white and red striped pattern as seen in the episode “The Young Lords”

Photo by Profiles in History

Unnamed Gamoray I.L. Series Robes

-Metallic silver and black tones with gray and white striped accents as seen in the episode “The Living Legend, Part 2”


Both Specter’s cloak [photo] and the Gamoray IL-Series Cylon robe [photo] were reused in the “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” episodes “Unchained Woman” & “A Dream of Jennifer.”

Many other costumes, props, miniatures and even set pieces previously used in Battlestar Galactica were seen in Buck Rogers. For a complete list of reused items, please visit the Gallery.

Photo Courtesy of Red Eye


According to actor Felix Silla, who was in both the Lucifer and Specter costumes, they used a harness setup that went on his shoulders then down and strapped around his chest/waist, etc. and it went up held the head and such. At 3' 11" he saw out of the mid chest area.
-Exact screen accurate type is unknown

Uncolored Boots Example
Photo by Profiles in History


-Modified mid/late 1970s disco type boots
-Each character got his own painted color-matched boots (gold (later red) for Lucifer, silver for Specter, etc.)
-Sole has yellow Vibram brand marking [Detail Photo]

Gold Lucifer Example

Photo Courtesy of Gold Cylon
Tinted by Cylon-Knight

Red Lucifer Example

Photo Courtesy of Gold Cylon
Tinted by Cylon-Knight

Silver Specter Example

Photo Courtesy of Gold Cylon
Tinted by Cylon-Knight

Gray Gamaray Example

Photo Courtesy of Gold Cylon


-Unaltered white boots of the same style were used in Buck Rogers as Starfighter pilot boots.